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by Matthias Forenbacher

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I DON'T BELIEVE YOU These are the news of the morning Here is the last information I cannot resist, I cannot avoid I don’t believe you. Claire has a place in the old part of town She’s always a catcher of a spotlighted round You won’t be lonely, if you follow her scene I don’t believe you. You’re sendin’ a note that you’re broken Send me a sign that you’re feeling alright Somebody misses you and somebody can’t and I can’t believe you. Nikki Devitte with your modernist charm You wrote your thesis on Mongolian farms Your studies were changing the course of your life But I don’t believe you. Standin’ alone on the side of the quay Wavin’ goodbye to your hero Well now it’s too late, you had nothing to say I don’t believe you. You came unexpected from your round-the-world-flight You came like a joke, but so serious and tight For so many years you were out of sight Now I don’t believe you. Sarah the cook, you’re the winner today Sooner or later you’ll be fadin’ away It’s true you made an incredible cake But I don’t believe you. Public and private spaces of art Wolves and sheep and their hidden desires Now come a bit closer, explain me your part I don’t believe you. Two guys in a hurry on a thundering bike They feel so hungry in this film version night You say that nobody’s free or true I don’t believe you. You walk really fast on your politics trail Is this the reason why diplomacy fails? Your wavering speech won’t be ever sufficient I don’t believe you. Peter the Filth, your opinion is asked. Why don’t you come out of your vacuous mask? Excuse me, but there is nothing new! I don’t believe you. When is the start of our losing faith? When is the end of our patience? You’re hiding a secret, there is nothing to hide. I don’t believe you. The wedding is over, the groom disappeared Somebody’s asking, if he’s ever been here Just days before, he was nothing but worried I don’t believe you. Another example of our falling apart Another example of a broken heart You better beware of awareness signs I don’t believe you.
She's Tired 03:23
SHE’S TIRED On Sunday morning, she came from work A life she would never have Her son in bed, he was so used He knew what’d be comin’ ahead. Well, she’s tired, she’s tired. She excuses for the place she has The strangers and being alone The work she does and the son she raised And why is everything so wrong? She got an old car that she never drives It makes herself so proud There was nobody at her side so long And nothin’ to talk about. ‘Cause she works all night in a heartless place The days she would try to sleep The debts wouldn’t get any smaller And the clouds wouldn’t fade away. She’s tired from comin’ home in the morning And hardly seein’ her son Where can she start and when does it end It doesn’t matter anyhow. The men she saw, they were kind of strange And never wouldn’t settle down They would buy her drinks and make her swing And then they would disappear. She’s tired from selling “love” at night And hiding during the day The dreams and hopes and plans she made But nothing has never changed. She used to be once such a pretty girl Now it’s the other way ‘round Is it anyone’s fault or someone to blame She wouldn’t know not at all. She’s tired from screwin’ around at night Or sitting alone in the bar The fools she met and goofs she had It seems so strange and bizarre.
Why 04:53
WHY Why is it, baby, that a wing easily breaks That a rose has a thorn Why is it, baby, that we try, but we know That it’s so and never so? Why is it, baby, that our way is so long But our hopes are keeping us strong Why is it, baby, that you meet somebody someplace And not where you thought, it would be? Why is it, baby, that love sometimes comes And sometimes it just won’t appear? Why is it, baby, when you travel, you dream And forget, where you’ve been? Why is it, baby, that it feels here like a cage With no chance to escape? Why is it baby that we’re captured in our roles And changing means betraying? Why is it, baby, that it’s dark suddenly With no future to see? Why is it, baby, that our love has gone home That our fire has been blown? Chorus: Say, if I bore or disturb or annoy? If it’s so, I can go, Ican try somewhere else. And I’ll try somewhere else.
TAKE ME WHERE THE WIND BLOWS The night shift dancer’s crying, she feels so old Her dances were a while and more ago She wanders through the streets and talks to strangers But no one hears, what she has got to say. The artist says: “My painting’s almost finished” He drank a lot in hope to find that out He thinks, he is so lonely for his reasons For always painting words he cannot say. The actress sees her role behind the model She deals with urban life and with ideals She wears a necklace filled with pure sea water “A timeless symbol for a timeless life”. The diplomatic mission is now over “I think we should not tell you all we know” The weather fairy softly says: “It’s raining” No celebrating atmosphere in town. An age-old Fiat Ritmo on the church square Right between the tower and the bar You guide me through this town, oh can I trust you Why is it so dark and why so cold? Ref. Take me where the wind blows Take me where the sun goes Take me where the night will never end
GINGER & PAULY 1. You better leave your failin’ home Can’t get your feet back on the stone People amuse and people see People love and people bleed. 2. So Ginger wants her boyfriend now Why can’t you queue up in a row? This is the moment of your life But you ain’t got your hottest drive. 3. I feel your fire down below She played with arrows and a bow Now do you have another plan? Is this the only trick you can? 4. Now ain’t you got something to say? Or do you think you plan to stay? You better don’t say any word I’ve got the feeling, it can hurt. 5. Pauly played on New Year’s Eve He should have hidden like a thieve Drivin’ home, it was so late Well, it was meant to be his fate. 6. Now can’t you hear the music theme? Or is there anything between? Was it the tension of the night? Or just the poison of your bite? 7. There are some neutrons in your heart Well, don’t tell me you fall apart I see, there’s coolness in your eyes Don’t dare to say something too nice. 8. We’re searching for somebody new Who ain’t exactly just like you This ain’t a game, this is so sad Can’t get you out of my head. 9. Where is the reason to exist? This is the moment to insist You better do not play with me ‘Cause in the morning we’ll be free 10. You better leave me now alone I’ve got your picture on my phone Is this exactly what you dreamed? Or just another hopeless scene?
IN THIS EUROPEAN NIGHT He and his Mangalitsa pork chops The collection of stamps was waiting All the girls gone wild “Look at all these stamps!” Haha, it’s just a dominion table With his sassy colour scheme He and his constant crystal lighting She takes place with her psychedelic diamonds It’s time for a denim escape! It’s just soft leather They are discussing Victorian information Yeah … dismissing information … She works as an occupation designer Well, I guess, it’s time for some conventional tea! The minute she came into the room! She was the talented December girl You and your totally absurd house! They were eating chilli rice crackers And this totally absurd club sandwich. You want some pretzels? Some afternoon sign says: “It’s advertising time” With his uncompromising price And his Nouveau Matique placements There are Nouveau Matique splitters all around It’s advertising time! Chorus: A descending progress in this European night
SELF-LOADING GUN Well if you try – just to find your place And if you try – just to find some work And if you try – just to find some hold. And if they don’t – understand your life And if they don’t – understand your dreams And if they don’t – understand your anger. And if you can’t help yourself and you see, there is no-one with you And if you search – for your personal future And if you search – for someone, who is with you And if you search – for some place to belong to. And if you can’t help yourself as you always have tried to do Well, if you have – someone in your family And if you have – someone, who’s deceiving And if you have – someone, who’s betraying. And if there are just shadows that are constantly pulling you down Chorus: A self-loading gun A self-loading gun A self-loading gun How far has it come?
7,99 06:00
SEE; THE CHANGE WON'T COME 1. Well, someone had something to say You better be out of space! She didn’t like to be found You preferred to stay underground. 2. Now won’t you repeat your convention? Another instinctive reaction? It was Tokyo, London, New York Her number was two and a half! 3. Sitting cross-legged on a table Another calculation And another stimulation To be divided in three. 4. The idea of feeling alone Computed elections of foam She was so gifted and skilled A face-saving amount. 5. The silver frog was at home An irreplaceable storm Well, turn up the radio loud! But someone is living below. 6. The inspiring yellow sleeve Was it you becoming a thieve? Here comes the political clown And someone is holding your hand.
DRAMATIC EVENING, 2008, oil on canvas So late now in the evening So late that I must go The guests were all fantastic The dancing on the floor. Discussions on a sofa In sixty-seven style The freedom of the wording The poet for a while. Some Reclam based opinions Some standing just beside She’s tired from defending Her innocence and pride. I know, you must be weary I know, you must be sad No answer and no theory why can’t you stay instead? I thought, I heard my spirit I thought, I heard him cry The unrewarding minute The truth and all the lies. The sons and hopeful lovers The sailors in the rain The tightness of confessions The questions will remain. Some pure absurd reactions Some false and faithless risk A callboy was invited The stranger and the kiss. You came with all your memories You did not have a plan The sinning and the conscience The girls and all their men. So late now in the evening So late that I must go The guests were all fantastic The dancing on the floor.
ESCAPE FOR A WHILE I used to say and I used to do Faces and freedom and hands on your hearts She said: “No-one can act and can see” You want respect and you fall for love. You be just like this and you be just like that A rain in spring and the flowers to bloom The rumours’ reflection and flourishin’ waste You’re attainin’ attraction but where is yourself? A two-faced indignity, an everyday breeze The shape and the function and the price on request A heavy weight load, but you’re not so strong! Who’ll be something of a hero these days? The gallery closed at 11 at night The women got restless, the party was long They showed inspiration, as they always have done A well planned excitement and the boss to please. In a prosperin’ college of liberal arts Professors will lecture, can you understand? A student has fallen and a girl analyzed Opinions disguised in search of the truth. Late show is running, you better be fast! A stumblin’ clown and a high degree host Who turns to be closer to the nearest screen? And who’ll be the winner in the self-portray scene? I said, what’s going on and what is so new? You screamed for help, bewildered by ambition In fact, you surprised me with your walkin’ away But nothing remained and nothing will change. Chorus: The path is so long, the river is deep But soon you’ll be changing the side The curtains are falling, the audience is gone I think I’ll escape for a while.


LE MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE is a dark rock 'n' roll and folk noir album with paintings of a breaking and shattered Europe.
About society that slowly seems to fall apart. About society with pictured and showed off indifference.
An album with derailed and struggling characters, with strange politicians and analysts, with media clowns and slick occupation designers and with a wide black and white neo-realistic atmosphere. Michel Houellebecq shall be mentioned here.
An album with a brass band from southern Italy, a great big Serbian drum, some loops and electronics, price tags, an upright bass and with lots of electric and acoustic guitars.
Recorded at various places in Italy and Austria (Europe).


released January 8, 2020

vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, harmonicas, dobro, traditional accordion, Serbian big drum (Buba), percussion, electronics, sampler, synthesizer

Antonio Rimedio - arrangement of brass orchestra, piano on track 10
Gerhard Steinrück - upright bass
Athos Aselli - tenor trombone
Simona Bonatti - flute
Massimiliano Dilucchio - clarinet
Gino Marzocchi - euphonium
Simone Salvini - trumpet
Pierluigi Tartarbini - tenor trombone
Dino Deghengi - drums/percussion on tracks 4, 5, 9, 13
Jacques Bush - background vocals on tracks 6, 9
Christoph Marek - background vocals on tracks 6, 9
Elisabetta Martignoni - background vocals on tracks 9, 11
Jimmy Guiboche as Jimmy Guiboche

All music and lyrics written by Matthias Forenbacher
Produced by Matthias Forenbacher
Mixed and mastered by Gernotto Gentile
Editing and recording of brass orchestra by Marco Biscarini at "modulab", Bologna, Italy
Photography: Christopher Mavrič
Graphic Design: Alice Burger


all rights reserved



Matthias Forenbacher Vienna, Austria

Matthias Forenbacher is a rock'n'roll and folk singer-songwriter, guitar player and composer from Austria/Europe. Also known for his experimental and neorealist sound escapes in southern Europe and North America. Forenbacher has lived in Rome/Italy, Canada and the USA. ... more

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